The create command creates a new PDF file with the contents created from one or more input files containing graphics commands.

mutool create [-o output.pdf] [-O options] page1.txt [page2.txt ...]

If no output file is specified, it will write the created PDF to "out.pdf" in the current directory.

The -O argument is a comma separated list of options for writing the PDF file:

Decompress all object streams.
Compress all object streams.
Compress object streams for embedded fonts.
Compress object streams for images.
Encode object streams using ASCII hex encoding.
Pretty-print objects with indentation.
Optimize document for progressive loading in viewers.
Clean up graphics command in content streams.
Garbage collect unused objects. With compact the cross-reference table will also be compacted. With deduplicate duplicate objects will also be recombined.

A page is created for each input file, with the contents of the file copied into the content stream. Special comments in the input files are parsed to define the page dimensions and font and image resources:

%%MediaBox 0 0 500 800
%%Rotate 90
%%Image Im0 path/to/image.png

Font resources can be created by either giving the name of a standard PDF font, or by giving the path to a font file. If a third argument is present and either "Greek" or "Cyrillic" the font will be encoded using ISO 8859-7 or KOI8-U, respectively.

%%Font Tm Times-Roman
%%Font TmG Times-Roman Greek
%%Font TmC Times-Roman Cyrillic
%%Font Fn0 path/to/font/file.ttf
%%Font Fn1 path/to/font/file.ttf Cyrillic

CJK fonts can be created by passing a language tag for one of the 4 CID orderings: zh-Hant, zh-Hans, ja, or ko (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean). The CJK font will use the UTF-16 encoding. A font file will not be embedded, so a PDF viewer will use a substitute font.

%%CJKFont Batang ko
%%CJKFont Mincho ja
%%CJKFont Ming zh-Hant
%%CJKFont Song zh-Hans

An example input file:

%%MediaBox 0 0 595 842
%%Font TmRm Times-Roman
%%Font Helv-C Helvetica Cyrillic
%%Font Helv-G Helvetica Greek
%%CJKFont Song zh-Hant
%%CJKFont Mincho ja
%%CJKFont Batang ko
%%Image I0 logo/mupdf-simplified-logo.png

% Draw an image.
480 0 0 480 50 250 cm
/I0 Do

% Draw a triangle.
1 0 0 rg
50 50 m
100 200 l
200 50 l

% Show some text.
0 0 1 rg
BT /TmRm 24 Tf 50 760 Td (Hello, world!) Tj ET
BT /Helv-C 24 Tf 50 730 Td <fac4d2c1d7d3d4d7d5cad4c521> Tj ET
BT /Helv-G 24 Tf 50 700 Td <eae1ebe7ecddf1e1> Tj ET
BT /Song 24 Tf 50 670 Td <4F60 597D> Tj ET
BT /Mincho 24 Tf 50 640 Td <3053 3093 306b 3061 306f> Tj ET
BT /Batang 24 Tf 50 610 Td <c548 b155 d558 c138 c694> Tj ET