#ifndef PDFAPP_H
#define PDFAPP_H

#include "mupdf/fitz.h"
#include "mupdf/pdf.h"

 * Utility object for handling a pdf application / view
 * Takes care of PDF loading and displaying and navigation,
 * uses a number of callbacks to the GUI app.

/* 25% .. 1600% */
#define MINRES 18
#define MAXRES 1152

typedef struct pdfapp_s pdfapp_t;



extern void winwarn(pdfapp_t*, char *s);
extern void winerror(pdfapp_t*, char *s);
extern void wintitle(pdfapp_t*, char *title);
extern void winresize(pdfapp_t*, int w, int h);
extern void winrepaint(pdfapp_t*);
extern void winrepaintsearch(pdfapp_t*);
extern char *winpassword(pdfapp_t*, char *filename);
extern char *wintextinput(pdfapp_t*, char *inittext, int retry);
extern int winchoiceinput(pdfapp_t*, int nopts, char *opts[], int *nvals, char *vals[]);
extern void winopenuri(pdfapp_t*, char *s);
extern void wincursor(pdfapp_t*, int curs);
extern void windocopy(pdfapp_t*);
extern void windrawstring(pdfapp_t*, int x, int y, char *s);
extern void winclose(pdfapp_t*);
extern void winhelp(pdfapp_t*);
extern void winfullscreen(pdfapp_t*, int state);
extern int winsavequery(pdfapp_t*);
extern int wingetsavepath(pdfapp_t*, char *buf, int len);
extern void winalert(pdfapp_t *, pdf_alert_event *alert);
extern void winprint(pdfapp_t *);
extern void winadvancetimer(pdfapp_t *, float duration);
extern void winreplacefile(char *source, char *target);
extern void wincopyfile(char *source, char *target);
extern void winreloadpage(pdfapp_t *);

struct pdfapp_s
    /* current document params */
    fz_document *doc;
    char *docpath;
    char *doctitle;
    fz_outline *outline;
    int outline_deferred;

    float layout_w;
    float layout_h;
    float layout_em;
    char *layout_css;

    int pagecount;

    /* current view params */
    int resolution;
    int rotate;
    fz_pixmap *image;
    int grayscale;
    fz_colorspace *colorspace;
    int invert;
    int tint, tint_r, tint_g, tint_b;

    /* presentation mode */
    int presentation_mode;
    int transitions_enabled;
    fz_pixmap *old_image;
    fz_pixmap *new_image;
    clock_t start_time;
    int in_transit;
    float duration;
    fz_transition transition;

    /* current page params */
    int pageno;
    fz_page *page;
    fz_rect page_bbox;
    fz_display_list *page_list;
    fz_display_list *annotations_list;
    fz_stext_page *page_text;
    fz_stext_sheet *page_sheet;
    fz_link *page_links;
    int errored;
    int incomplete;

    /* snapback history */
    int hist[256];
    int histlen;
    int marks[10];

    /* window system sizes */
    int winw, winh;
    int scrw, scrh;
    int shrinkwrap;
    int fullscreen;

    /* event handling state */
    char number[256];
    int numberlen;

    int ispanning;
    int panx, pany;

    int iscopying;
    int selx, sely;
    /* TODO - While sely keeps track of the relative change in
     * cursor position between two ticks/events, beyondy shall keep
     * track of the relative change in cursor position from the
     * point where the user hits a scrolling limit. This is ugly.
     * Used in pdfapp.c:pdfapp_onmouse.
    int beyondy;
    fz_rect selr;

    int nowaitcursor;

    /* search state */
    int issearching;
    int searchdir;
    char search[512];
    int searchpage;
    fz_rect hit_bbox[512];
    int hit_count;

    /* client context storage */
    void *userdata;

    fz_context *ctx;
#ifdef HAVE_CURL
    fz_stream *stream;

void pdfapp_init(fz_context *ctx, pdfapp_t *app);
void pdfapp_setresolution(pdfapp_t *app, int res);
void pdfapp_open(pdfapp_t *app, char *filename, int reload);
void pdfapp_open_progressive(pdfapp_t *app, char *filename, int reload, int bps);
void pdfapp_close(pdfapp_t *app);
int pdfapp_preclose(pdfapp_t *app);
void pdfapp_reloadfile(pdfapp_t *app);

char *pdfapp_version(pdfapp_t *app);
char *pdfapp_usage(pdfapp_t *app);

void pdfapp_onkey(pdfapp_t *app, int c, int modifiers);
void pdfapp_onmouse(pdfapp_t *app, int x, int y, int btn, int modifiers, int state);
void pdfapp_oncopy(pdfapp_t *app, unsigned short *ucsbuf, int ucslen);
void pdfapp_onresize(pdfapp_t *app, int w, int h);
void pdfapp_gotopage(pdfapp_t *app, int number);
void pdfapp_reloadpage(pdfapp_t *app);
void pdfapp_autozoom_horizontal(pdfapp_t *app);
void pdfapp_autozoom_vertical(pdfapp_t *app);
void pdfapp_autozoom(pdfapp_t *app);

void pdfapp_invert(pdfapp_t *app, const fz_rect *rect);
void pdfapp_inverthit(pdfapp_t *app);

void pdfapp_postblit(pdfapp_t *app);