#ifndef MUPDF_XPS_H
#define MUPDF_XPS_H

#include "mupdf/fitz.h"

typedef struct xps_document_s xps_document;
typedef struct xps_page_s xps_page;

    xps_open_document: Open a document.

    Open a document for reading so the library is able to locate
    objects and pages inside the file.

    The returned xps_document should be used when calling most
    other functions. Note that it wraps the context, so those
    functions implicitly get access to the global state in

    filename: a path to a file as it would be given to open(2).
xps_document *xps_open_document(fz_context *ctx, const char *filename);

    xps_open_document_with_stream: Opens a document.

    Same as xps_open_document, but takes a stream instead of a
    filename to locate the document to open. Increments the
    reference count of the stream. See fz_open_file,
    fz_open_file_w or fz_open_fd for opening a stream, and
    fz_drop_stream for closing an open stream.
xps_document *xps_open_document_with_stream(fz_context *ctx, fz_stream *file);

    xps_close_document: Closes and frees an opened document.

    The resource store in the context associated with xps_document
    is emptied.

    Does not throw exceptions.
void xps_close_document(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc);

int xps_count_pages(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc);
xps_page *xps_load_page(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, int number);
fz_outline *xps_load_outline(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc);
void xps_run_page(fz_context *ctx, xps_page *page, fz_device *dev, const fz_matrix *ctm, fz_cookie *cookie);
fz_link *xps_load_links(fz_context *ctx, xps_page *page);

/* xps-internal.h */

 * Memory, and string functions.

int xps_strcasecmp(char *a, char *b);
void xps_resolve_url(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, char *output, char *base_uri, char *path, int output_size);
int xps_url_is_remote(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, char *path);
char *xps_parse_point(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, char *s_in, float *x, float *y);

 * Container parts.

typedef struct xps_part_s xps_part;

struct xps_part_s
    char *name;
    int size;
    unsigned char *data;

int xps_has_part(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, char *partname);
xps_part *xps_read_part(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, char *partname);
void xps_drop_part(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, xps_part *part);

 * Document structure.

typedef struct xps_fixdoc_s xps_fixdoc;
typedef struct xps_fixpage_s xps_fixpage;
typedef struct xps_target_s xps_target;

struct xps_fixdoc_s
    char *name;
    char *outline;
    xps_fixdoc *next;

struct xps_fixpage_s
    char *name;
    int number;
    int width;
    int height;
    xps_fixpage *next;

struct xps_page_s
    fz_page super;
    xps_document *doc;
    xps_fixpage *fix;
    fz_xml *root;

struct xps_target_s
    char *name;
    int page;
    xps_target *next;

void xps_read_page_list(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc);
void xps_print_page_list(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc);
void xps_drop_page_list(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc);

int xps_lookup_link_target(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, char *target_uri);

 * Images, fonts, and colorspaces.

typedef struct xps_font_cache_s xps_font_cache;

struct xps_font_cache_s
    char *name;
    fz_font *font;
    xps_font_cache *next;

typedef struct xps_glyph_metrics_s xps_glyph_metrics;

struct xps_glyph_metrics_s
    float hadv, vadv, vorg;

int xps_count_font_encodings(fz_font *font);
void xps_identify_font_encoding(fz_font *font, int idx, int *pid, int *eid);
void xps_select_font_encoding(fz_font *font, int idx);
int xps_encode_font_char(fz_font *font, int key);

void xps_measure_font_glyph(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, fz_font *font, int gid, xps_glyph_metrics *mtx);

void xps_print_path(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc);

void xps_parse_color(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, char *base_uri, char *hexstring, fz_colorspace **csp, float *samples);
void xps_set_color(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, fz_colorspace *colorspace, float *samples);

 * Resource dictionaries.

typedef struct xps_resource_s xps_resource;

struct xps_resource_s
    char *name;
    char *base_uri; /* only used in the head nodes */
    fz_xml *base_xml; /* only used in the head nodes, to free the xml document */
    fz_xml *data;
    xps_resource *next;
    xps_resource *parent; /* up to the previous dict in the stack */

xps_resource * xps_parse_resource_dictionary(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, char *base_uri, fz_xml *root);
void xps_drop_resource_dictionary(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, xps_resource *dict);
void xps_resolve_resource_reference(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, xps_resource *dict, char **attp, fz_xml **tagp, char **urip);

void xps_print_resource_dictionary(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, xps_resource *dict);

 * Fixed page/graphics parsing.

void xps_parse_fixed_page(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, xps_page *page);
void xps_parse_canvas(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, const fz_rect *area, char *base_uri, xps_resource *dict, fz_xml *node);
void xps_parse_path(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, char *base_uri, xps_resource *dict, fz_xml *node);
void xps_parse_glyphs(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, char *base_uri, xps_resource *dict, fz_xml *node);
void xps_parse_solid_color_brush(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, char *base_uri, xps_resource *dict, fz_xml *node);
void xps_parse_image_brush(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, const fz_rect *area, char *base_uri, xps_resource *dict, fz_xml *node);
void xps_parse_visual_brush(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, const fz_rect *area, char *base_uri, xps_resource *dict, fz_xml *node);
void xps_parse_linear_gradient_brush(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, const fz_rect *area, char *base_uri, xps_resource *dict, fz_xml *node);
void xps_parse_radial_gradient_brush(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, const fz_rect *area, char *base_uri, xps_resource *dict, fz_xml *node);

void xps_parse_tiling_brush(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, const fz_rect *area, char *base_uri, xps_resource *dict, fz_xml *root, void(*func)(fz_context *ctx, xps_document*, const fz_matrix *, const fz_rect *, char*, xps_resource*, fz_xml*, void*), void *user);

fz_font *xps_lookup_font(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, char *base_uri, char *font_uri, char *style_att);
fz_text *xps_parse_glyphs_imp(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm,
    fz_font *font, float size, float originx, float originy,
    int is_sideways, int bidi_level,
    char *indices, char *unicode);
fz_path *xps_parse_abbreviated_geometry(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, char *geom, int *fill_rule);
fz_path *xps_parse_path_geometry(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, xps_resource *dict, fz_xml *root, int stroking, int *fill_rule);
void xps_parse_transform(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, char *att, fz_xml *tag, fz_matrix *new_ctm, const fz_matrix *ctm);
void xps_parse_rectangle(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, char *text, fz_rect *rect);

void xps_begin_opacity(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, const fz_rect *area, char *base_uri, xps_resource *dict, char *opacity_att, fz_xml *opacity_mask_tag);
void xps_end_opacity(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, char *base_uri, xps_resource *dict, char *opacity_att, fz_xml *opacity_mask_tag);

void xps_parse_brush(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, const fz_rect *area, char *base_uri, xps_resource *dict, fz_xml *node);
void xps_parse_element(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, const fz_rect *area, char *base_uri, xps_resource *dict, fz_xml *node);

void xps_clip(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, const fz_matrix *ctm, xps_resource *dict, char *clip_att, fz_xml *clip_tag);

fz_xml *xps_lookup_alternate_content(fz_context *ctx, xps_document *doc, fz_xml *node);

 * The interpreter context.

typedef struct xps_entry_s xps_entry;

struct xps_entry_s
    char *name;
    fz_off_t offset;
    int csize;
    int usize;

struct xps_document_s
    fz_document super;
    fz_archive *zip;

    char *start_part; /* fixed document sequence */
    xps_fixdoc *first_fixdoc; /* first fixed document */
    xps_fixdoc *last_fixdoc; /* last fixed document */
    xps_fixpage *first_page; /* first page of document */
    xps_fixpage *last_page; /* last page of document */
    int page_count;

    xps_target *target; /* link targets */

    char *base_uri; /* base uri for parsing XML and resolving relative paths */
    char *part_uri; /* part uri for parsing metadata relations */

    /* We cache font resources */
    xps_font_cache *font_table;

    /* Opacity attribute stack */
    float opacity[64];
    int opacity_top;

    /* Current color */
    fz_colorspace *colorspace;
    float color[8];
    float alpha;

    /* Current device */
    fz_device *dev;
    fz_cookie *cookie;